Brazilian Slate

Brazilian Slate Flooring Slate
Brazilian Slate Flooring Slate
Brazilian Slate Finished
Our Craftsman finishing a Brazilian Slate Window Sill
Brazilian Roofing Slate
Brazilian Roofing Slate
Brazilian Slate - Check our Stock
Brazilian Slate – Check our Stock

We stock and supply high quality Brazilian slate produced to our specification by our partner company in South America. This durable material is used for both roofing and flooring applications being colour fast and meeting all relevant European standards for those uses.

Available in various thickness from 10mm to 50mm and sizes from 300mm square to 2.2 metres by 1.3 metres for a variety of uses such as flooring, steps, coping, fire hearths, sills, shelves, mantles – etc.

Two colours are available; these being mid-graphite grey and a lighter green-grey.

When produced as a roofing material the thickness is from 5mm to 7mm and again the two colours are stocked.

Available sizes of 500mm x 250mm and 600mm x 300mm in both colours are available on special order.

This material is reliable and physically very hard which leads one to believe that it will be durable in the ensuing years.